League of American Orchestras Conference – Creating a Digital Strategy

It was wonderful to be a part of the League of American Orchestras Conference in Atlanta, June 15-19. I had the pleasure of doing a few sessions on digital media. My objective was to:
1) Start a discussion
2) Share what some incredible organizations are doing with limited staff and resources
3) Offer an approach for creating a practical, creative, affordable, time-saving digital plan to connect with fans, anywhere, anytime.

It was wonderful to collaborate with friends and colleagues for the sessions, so a huge thank you to Vince Ford of the New York Philharmonic, Mark Newman of the Indianapolis Symphony, and Ari Solotoff of the Philadelphia Orchestra. for joining me. I wanted to share the slides from the Digital Strategy session Vince, Ari and myself did for Executive Directors and Marketing Groups 3-8. The goal was to discuss practical approaches to creating a digital plan to produce and publish content that does not break the bank! We featured activities of the Portland Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony, New York Philharmonic and called on folks in the audience to share their Facebook pages for an impromptu look at their strategy….thanks to South Carolina Symphony for joining in the fun — they are doing an awesome job!

The Slide Agenda:
– Quick overview about Digital Media – What is it, Where does it go, Who is online?
– Survey Responses from the EDs
– Creating a Social Media Plan! Vince & the NYPhil Twitter Shared document approach
– Creating a Digital Plan
– Getting Performance Rights Right
– Case Studies!
– Portland Symphony Orchestra 0-100mph in 4 months
– Indianapolis Symphony – A Digital Leader – iPhone App Walk-through
-Return on Investment

Digital media is an ongoing process, not a one-off event. And one size does not fit all. But most importantly, technology should be working for you! Take what you are already doing and re-purpose your content. The personal feedback from fans around the world via the internet reminds me why we are all trying to figure out how to connect with the 21st Century audience.

Thanks so much, Margo


About Margo Drakos

I am a concert cellist turned tech entrepreneur, with a passion for cultivating scalable businesses that enable communities to flourish through the power of technology. I am focusing on business development and strategy for two companies in our SwitchCase Group portfolio – InstantEncore.com, of which I am a co-founder and COO, and Interactive Fitness Holdings, where I am VP of Business Development. In 2010, I was honored to be appointed as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. As part of my commitment to the Forum community, I have co-founded The AppBridge, designed to empower “The Bottom Billion” through development, implementation, and promotion of education and health focused mobile applications. I entered music conservatory when I was fifteen to study composition and cello and graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. I received a Masters Degree in International Affairs at Columbia University in 2008 focusing on the human rights and the extractive industry. My husband and I currently reside in Los Angeles.
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